Year 9 Centre

The terrace of heritage buildings adjoining Latrobe University have been renovated to create a new Grammar school campus for their Year-9 students. The result is an independent teaching facility specifically focused toward year-9 pedagogy and activities.

The project included extensive site investigation, planning and design coordination to satisfy the Heritage Victoria and Latrobe University requirements. Significant changes to internal load bearing structures were required to accomodate the dramatic internal renovations, with the added challenge of working within a limited space and around protected heritage features. The important internal and external heritage features are retained and incorporated with the new aesthetic to result in a vibrant learning environment. Also included were new utility connections, in-ground services relocation, friable asbestos removal, new electrical and mechanical systems and upgrade of building accessibility.

Debtech worked with the client to progress the initial concept with the preparation of a detailed feasibility study. Following approval to implement the project, providing cost planning, design coordination, project management and controls throughout the project.