Energy saving for malt kilns

Debtech scoped and administered the D&C contract to convert two existing malt-drying kilns to a cleaner heating process, resulting in improved malt quality whilst reducing process energy consumption. On a confined site, the new glass tube heat exchangers, ducting and specialised gas burners were installed above the existing kilns to allow continued operation of the Geelong plant’s daily malt drying process during the upgrade.

From definition to handover, Debtech supported the client with project management expertise including; design coordination meetings; expediting contractor procurement; project control meetings, design review, feedback and approval; risk assessments and responding to contractual and project requirements.

The kiln conversion was completed with minimal down time, achieved the objectives of cleaner malt and a significant reduction in energy consumption due to the installation of the glass tube heat exchangers to capture the waste heat from the exhaust stream for reuse.