Bold architectural design for rural setting – The Round

In the heart of the Plenty Campus, an exciting and innovative new senior years and science centre has recently been completed for Ivanhoe Grammar School. The building has been designed with a clear identity; to signify the importance and focus of the senior years as students transition to tertiary education.

The rural feel of the campus permeates the building and its circular form includes central courtyards and light wells. Clear distinctions between exterior and interior are dissolved. Learning spaces are interconnected and allow for a huge variety of teaching and learning possibilities, thereby assisting teachers in tailoring their methods to the needs of the individual students.

Features include:

•   10 new classrooms including breakout and private study areas

•    Primary and Middle Years specialist science laboratory

•   Three specialist Senior Years science laboratories – Biology, Chemistry and Physics

•   Embraces the latest learning technologies

•   Provides a Senior Years Pastoral and Social Hub

Debtech continues its involvement with Ivanhoe Grammar with the School's latest building project